Mid-State Aluminum handles your Full Mobile Home Remodel

Mid-State Aluminum contractor has provided countless clients with a full mobile home remodel throughout Lakeland, Florida; as well as Tampa Bay & Orlando. 

Mobile Home Remodel Construction Contractor & Repair | Lakeland, FL
Mobile Home Remodel Construction Contractor & Repair | Lakeland, FL
Mobile Home Remodel Construction Contractor & Repair | Lakeland, FL
Mobile Home Remodel Construction Contractor & Repair | Lakeland, FL
Mobile Home Remodel Construction Contractor & Repair | Lakeland, FL
Mobile Home Remodel Construction Contractor & Repair | Lakeland, FL

Mobile Home Remodel

If you’re looking to get your mobile home remodeled in Florida, we offer full remodeling to smaller services in between. We at Mid-State Aluminum can understand how much of a stress and pain this process can be, so we lay out and thoroughly explain what exactly will happen to your beloved family home and, how we will remodel your trailer into an even cozier and comfortable home. Here at Mid-State Aluminum we have over a decade of experience of trailer remodeling in Florida. We also have worked on and built additions to trailer homes in addition to remodels. As you can see from the pictures attached, we don’t just remodel trailers we help Floridians, especially our local Lakeland friends and Orlando or Tampa Bay neighbors get closer to a home of their dreams.

We offer full trailer and mobile home remodels with specific specializations in kitchen and bath remodels. We understand these are the main shared and focused areas of your home and want to give you and your family not just the home of your dreams but, a place to share and live together.

Mobile Home Remodel Bathroom Options:

While each case is unique, to give you a general idea of what you may replace your current bath sinks, tubs, toilets, and floors with in your mobile home: here’s a handy guide. Mobile home bathroom remodels can be more complex than simple home remodels. There’s an array of basic sinks and bath tubs that most people choose and can fit in mobile homes.

Mobile Home Bathroom Sinks:

There is several types of sinks available to you when you are deciding to use when remodeling your mobile home bathroom remodels here are a few available choice that Mid-State Aluminum previous experience installing these six basic sink types: vanity top, console, vessel, pedestal, wall mounted, under-counter and counter-top.

  • Vanity Top Sinks:
    These sinks are a one piece sink/counter combination. These sinks are installed in your trailer bathroom remodel on top of a cabinet (or a complete furniture piece). They also can come in several different types of materials and sizes. A favorite upside of ours (and the moms’ usually, too), cleaning is made easy with these!
  • Console Sinks:
    Similar to vanity top sinks, Console sinks are supported by two front legs and wall mounting. Console sinks also come in various materials and sizes, making them fit whatever style you have- whether it be a little more on the rustic side like Lakeland, a little more contemporary like Tampa, or maybe even a little more colorful like Orlando. A favorite upside of ours for Console inks is that they’re great for smaller space.
  • Vessel Sinks:
    One of the trending sinks in bathroom remodels are Vessel sinks. Vessel sinks look like a bowl basically, that sits on top or inside of a counter (top installation is very popular). A wide range of materials are available and glass is what’s really popular for these. With our help, we’ll help you see the upside of remodeling your bathroom and assist you in choosing the correct faucet for vessel sinks as that’s a vital aspect.
  • Pedestal Sinks:
    Pedestal Sinks are freestanding sinks with a base. These sinks commonly come in 2 pieces which gives you a chance to get the precise style you’d like. These sinks are beautiful and simple.
  • Wall Mounted Sinks:
    These sinks as the name gives are attached to the wall. These are small in size and make a great fit for small spaces.
  • Under-Counter Sinks:
    As the name gives, Under-Counter sinks are set under the counter. This sink is the perfect for the decorative kind. This type of sink allows the inside of the counter to be seen around the opening so, we recommend keeping that opening decorative, such as a solid piece of granite. These sinks are also very popular and often referred to as under mount sinks. These also come in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes.
  • Counter-top Sinks:
    The most popular style of sinks are Counter-top sinks. With Counter-Top sinks, the rim of the sink rests right on top of the counter inside of a hole. These type of sinks give you the ability to make the counter material just about anything- as long as it’s waterproof. With this, you have a wide selection of material choices, as well as shapes and sizes. Most Counter-top sinks in mobile home remodels are set with clips placed under the sink opening and the parameter is sealed under the lip of the sink.

Mobile Home Bathroom Tubs:

When you’re remodeling your mobile home bathroom, you may want to highly consider remodeling your bathtub as factory supplied mobile home tubs in Lakeland, Florida or down the street in Orlando or Tampa we all know our beloved Florida’s sun is harsh and constantly beams down, especially through our bathroom windows. In addition, the standard tub in your mobile home is probably around 6” smaller, both width and length wise (mobile home baths are typically around 54” by 27”).

  • Alcove Tubs:
    Mobile home bathrooms with alcove bathtubs are about 6” different than regular alcove tubs as previously stated due to the size difference. Alcove tubs come in mobile home sizes so not to worry there, if that’s something you have your eye on. If acrylic is your desired material for your alcove tub in your bathroom remodel, builder-grade acrylic tubs can be discussed as well.
  • Corner Tubs:
    Corner tubs were very popular in mobile homes from the 1970’s to 2010’s and it may be what you have currently in your mobile home. These are very common, especially in Florida and the areas we serve (from Central to west Florida- Orlando and Tampa, our major surrounding cities and Lakeland, FL). When performing your bathroom remodel you may just want to simply replace your current corner tub with another corner tub- and that’s perfectly great! Inquire with us about what options we have available for corner tubs.
  • Oval Tubs:
    If you’re looking for a bigger tub in your mobile home remodel, search no further- oval tubs may be your top choice! Oval tubs in mobile homes are actually typically bigger than those in houses; oval tubs in mobile homes are typically 64” x 42” or 44” and the size for oval tubs in homes typically are 60” x 41”.
  • Whirlpool Tubs:
    If you have a bad back or neck (or simply enjoy water jets), a whirlpool tub is a great selection. These tubs come equipped with powerful water jets along the sides and bottom of the tub. You will need to have the proper electric wiring available to where you’d like the tub. Whirlpool tubs are a great selection for your mobile home remodel and are available in a selection of sizes and shapes so you’ll be able to find one that suits your space.
  • Clawfoot Tubs:
    One of the first bathtub designs was the Clawfoot tub. Clawfoot tubs are typically made with cast iron and have 4 awesome claw feet. These tubs are a classic and popular design.
  • Cloud Tubs:
    An emerging and popular shape is the cloud tub. These tubs are freestanding and look great in all spaces.

Mobile Home Bathroom Toilets Remodel:

In your mobile home remodel, you may think this may be one of the most complex factors. However, it’s actually one of the simplest. First we’ll turn the water off and empty the water out of the tank and bowl. Next, we’ll remove the toilet itself and remove/replace the wax ring. Next, we’ll combine our Floridian and contractor magic to make sure it’s level. During your mobile home bathroom remodel, we’ll walk you through each step and help you choose your toilet. With toilets, there are two self-explanatory basic choices; a normal toilet and a handicapped one. If you have someone who is handicapped or has mobility issues, handicapped toilets may be the best selection for you.

Mobile Home Bathroom Floors Remodel:

If water has ever touched your flooring (meaning sub-floor/joists under the floor covering/insulation), your floor is now more able to be damaged. This can cause rot, as well as weak spots, and swelling. Within 15 years of buying your trailer or home, you will need to replace the bathroom floors completely if appropriate precautions aren’t taken. Especially if your home was built during or before the 1980’s. In the 80’s, a handful of manufacturers had what they thought was a brilliant idea of putting carpet in master bathrooms- this would cause massive amounts of mold without a waterproof membrane under it. Many homes with carpet in the master bathrooms did not have a waterproof membrane.