Mid-State Aluminum offers Professional, Skilled Aluminum Services throughout Lakeland, Tampa, and Orlando, Florida

Mid-State Aluminum provides aluminum services and is a contractor located in Lakeland, Florida.

Aluminum Services

The term itself, aluminum services may be confusing or bewildering but, Mid-State Aluminum makes it quite simple. In Lakeland, we offer a wide variety of services that are based around aluminum construction. How are aluminum based services needed in Florida? Well, on these sunny, hot, and humid Florida days you may need an escape from the sun or on one of our rainy, stormy days- you may need protection from the Sunshine State’s unpredictable weather.

Windows Installation And Repair

Aluminum Services Lakeland, Florida | Enclosures, Screen Rooms, Gutters

Mid-State Aluminum offers new window installation and as well as repair for your current windows in your home, condominium, and office. 

Screen Rooms And Repair

Aluminum Services Lakeland, Florida | Enclosures, Screen Rooms, Gutters

We offer a variety of aluminum services, which is a must-have in Florida, especially in our central Florida home, we offer screen room installation and repair. Screen rooms protect from the beaming Florida sun or the torrential downpours, so you can still enjoy the beautiful Central Florida scenery. We not only offer screen room installation, we also offer screen room repairs across select areas of Central and West Florida. Screen room repair and installation is proudly one of our  aluminum services in Lakeland we offer.

Pool Enclosures

Aluminum Services Lakeland, Florida | Enclosures, Screen Rooms, Gutters

Building pool enclosures is our one of our specialties. Let us build your new pool cage to Protect the pool! Or, at least protect yourself from the sun on a harsh Florida pool day. Pool Cages will protect you and your pool from debris, Florida bugs and critters, as well as a considerable amount of the wind, rain, and heat Central Florida deals us unpredictably.  If you refer to our Pool Cages page, you will see we offer a variety of of Pool Cages we offer for installation in the Lakeland area. Already have a pool cage but it needs some work? Give us a call, too! We also offer pool cage repair in addition to installation. Pool Cage installation and repair is another Lakeland aluminum service we proudly offer at Mid-State Aluminum!

Other Aluminum Services

Aluminum Services Lakeland, Florida | Enclosures, Screen Rooms, Gutters

Mid-State Aluminum provides houses, mobile home, and office buildings with a variety of aluminum services. These services include replacing & installing vinyl siding, aluminum bending & molding for the facia of your home, and other specialty services.

Mobile Home Remodels

Aluminum Services Lakeland, Florida | Enclosures, Screen Rooms, Gutters

Trailers and Mobile Homes in Florida tend to see a lot of wear. Mid-State Aluminum will repair and refurbish your entire structure. We can update your trailer from the siding & windows, to the screen room, as well as doors windows.

Seamless Gutters

Aluminum Services Lakeland, Florida | Enclosures, Screen Rooms, Gutters

Gutters can get clogged and cause damage, or may just be old. However, having your gutters replaced is a breeze with Mid-State Aluminum. We also offer installation of seamless gutters at great prices. Also with the horrid and unpredictable rain across Florida, gutters on your home are a necessity to get rid of all that debris. Gutters stop a range of debris, from pine straw to tree branches. Our gutters are installed with care and braced for impact. We offer gutter installation and repair so contact us today!

Our Vow for our Aluminum Services, Lakeland

Aluminum services are a need across Florida, especially in Lakeland. We vow to walk you through and explain everything to you for whichever aluminum service you may need. Mid State Aluminum offers a wide range of services and we acknowledge each of our neighbor’s homes are unique and have a specific set of needs. For this reason, we encourage you contact us so we can give you a personalized consultation then, transition into giving you our best and personalized service.

For additional services, please refer to our skilled services page. We offer a wide range of services in addition to this including general contractor services , home additions, remodeling, kitchen and bathroom repairs and remodels, gutter services, pressure washing, and general construction.